28 11 2012

“Decolonization is about centering our concerns and world views and then coming to know and understand theory and research from our own perspectives and for our own purposes” (1999, 39). Thus understood, this task of decolonizing education requires the centering of an Indigenous renaissance and its empowering intercultural diplomacy.”- -Linda Tuhiwai Smith, one of the leading theorists of decolonization of the Maori in New Zealand


My new blog on education and transitioning into mainstream education

15 06 2012

I believe there is a place where unschooling and free schooling meet with facilitated learning. Until we find that or create that, we will try a different path


the tinkering school

3 06 2012


video links from Windsor House free school in Vancouver

3 06 2012


For you people in the Twin Cities looking for a great school

14 03 2011


not into O’Rielly and Dan Greenberg was rude to our school (which has existed longer than his BTW) but here, anyhow

14 03 2011

Village Free School in Portlandia

14 03 2011